Understand & Use Your Data


Collecting data is one thing. Being able to understand what it means and then using it to enhance your initiatives is another. That’s exactly what we help you do. Data analytics and visualization are critical in marketing. From translating the metrics through thorough statistical analysis, to telling the story of the initiatives and their impact on ROI, we help you better utilize your data.

We specialize in Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Adobe Omniture, HubSpot, Hootsuite, Facebook Ad Exchange, Moz, various email marketing analytical tools, and a variety of digital media analytics.

Through statistical analysis, we deep dive into what the metrics have to say. Utilizing correlations, linear regressions, t-tests, z-tests, and other statistical methods; we extract the story. After the analysis is complete, we use Tableau to tell the story in a meaningful way that is easy to understand and can be shared with your team.

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We ask questions about the data and the initiatives that we then examine.


Through various sources of analytics, we collect the data for analysis.


Utilizing various statistical methods, we bring out the story from within the metrics.


Via Tableau, we put the story together with impactful visuals that are easy to understand.