Social Media Done Right


One of the most effective marketing vehicles for getting your message out is social media. The reach it provides and pin point accurate targeting is unlike any other marketing vehicle. However, in order to get the most of it, the secret is strategy over ad hoc. Carefully analyzing your social media presence as well as your competition’s presence, gives us the insights needed to develop an effective, organic social and paid social gameplay. 

With organic social, we are able to implement a 60 to 90 day calendar where your story and messaging are told without being draining on your audience. Need to respond to comments or private messages? No worries, we take care of all responses as well.

When more accurate communication is needed, paid social is the key vehicle to use. With pin point accurate targeting, we are able to create efficient segmented audiences that increase conversion. Via A/B testing, your campaigns and advertising budget are not wasted on random audiences, they are geared towards the consumers you want.

Both organic social and paid social is executed with authentic content. Not a stock image, but a real image of your business. You will not “share” pictures, videos, graphics, etc with your competition. Your stories are yours, so should the content that tells them.

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After a thorough analysis of your existing social media and your competitions’, we analyze the data for an effective strategy.


A tailored strategy for your business is developed based on data collected during research. A 60 to 90 day calendar is mapped out for organic and paid social media.


Authentic content is developed via photo, video, text, and graphic design in order to effectively tell your stories.


Using the latest social media tools, we execute and measure the organic and paid social media initiatives.